Yoga Daya Virtual Teacher Training

  The Yoga Daya Virtual Teacher Training Courses are comprised of our 200 and 300 Hour Teacher Training curriculum offered virtually. The Training is designed for those who are you located in areas where Yoga Teacher Trainings are sparse, or simply prefer a self-paced Teacher Training that works best for their schedule.

YOGA DAYA 500 HOUR Program

  Yoga Daya is dedicated to offering the best comprehensive 500 hour Teacher Training Program. Whether you aim to become a professional yoga teacher or deepen your yoga practice, Yoga Daya's Program is designed to enhance each student's advanced studies. The Program is comprised of a 200 hour and 300 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training  with Alignment Focus. A registered school with Yoga Alliance, our curriculum is developed exclusively by Yoga Daya. The 300 hour Program is comprised of three 100 hour Trainings which may be taken individually or completed together. Visit 200 Hour and 300 Hour Trainings for more details.

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The Curriculum Topics

   Each session is divided into the study of topics on yoga. Here is an example of the curriculum topics below. 

Teaching Methodology – understand specialty groups, language techniques and beginner vs advanced teaching methodology.

Yoga Anatomy – study the main systems of the human body like the circulatory, respiratory and reproductive systems in relation to yoga.

Yoga Philosophy - study the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and explore different styles of yoga and Ayurveda.

Pranayama and Meditation – Practice Breathing and Meditation Techniques.

Asana and Teaching Techniques – study of the energy lines, modifications, cues, and benefits for yoga asanas. Gain ample opportunity to practice teaching yoga in a safe and supportive environment

Teacher Training Curriculum


  •   A strong foundation in major categories of yoga asanas (postures)
  • Fundamentals of teaching yoga: language and cueing techniques
  • Ample opportunity for 'practice teaching' to help overcome fear of public speaking 
  • The Art of Assisting - observation and understanding bodies
  • How to accommodate for pregnancy and injuries
  • Guided group practice in a safe Vinyasa Flow style
  • Smart Sequencing and theme-based yoga classes
  • Developing your own daily home practice
  • The business side of yoga, becoming a professional 
  • Sanskrit pronunciation guide developed by Yoga Daya
  • Anatomy, including the energy lines, nadis, and chakras
  • Women’s Health and Ayurveda


  Set up a phone meeting. In the meeting we will review details of the Virtual Training Program as well as get to know your training goals. 

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Step 1


 Ready to Apply? Register for the 200 hour and/or the 300 hour Program.  Complete the online application. It needs to be filled out completely. Email two photographs with the application: one head-shot and one photo of you demonstrating a yoga asana (pose).

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Step 2


Submit a $400 deposit. Application fees are non-refundable but will be applied toward your tuition. Full tuition payment is due by start of registered program. Payment plans are available upon request. To receive the discounted rate, you must sign up by the early registration date. If your application is not accepted, you will receive a full refund of the Deposit. Once the program begins tuition is non-refundable. 


Step 3


Pay your tuition: After your application has been accepted and your deposit has been collected. The next step in the process is to pay the rest of your tuition. You can find this in our "Store" page or by clicking the button below.

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Our Information


 Payment Plans: Email for details. 

Phone Number: (310) 558-9642  

Virtual Platform: Zoom

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"The teachers are wonderful, experienced teachers who really put so much of their spirit and time in making sure the students really learn applicable teaching methods. I learned so much!" 

"Being able to learn and truly experience yoga to deepen my practice has been amazing. I have a better understanding of the philosophy and physiology behind the poses that has given me more confidence in my own practice on the mat and in the real world." 

"The teachers created such a nurturing and supportive environment! I felt safe, not judged but at the same time they understood the right way to keep pushing us to move forward. It was a perfect balance! It helped me find my own true voice! Thank you so much."

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