Focuses on actions versus movement with attention to postural alignment within each pose (asana). Poses are practiced individually providing time for the body and mindfulness to adjust. Known for its therapeutic qualities through effective sequencing, this style of yoga is suitable for all levels of students. 

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Daya Core Movement™, created by Tulsi Laher, is designed to develop strength and enhance awareness on the pelvic floor and surrounding muscles. Movement is centered on the abdomen, pelvis and hips . A balanced approach to healthy movement mechanics in the pelvis, this class is for those with back pain, postural mis-alignment, scoliosis, Pre and Post Natal, core weakness and those who aim for general abdominal/pelvic strengthening. 

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Zen Restorative is an opportunity to relax, release and restore.The more hectic the outer world becomes, the more it helps to slow down and draw the senses inward to the present moment. Through simple yet effective relaxation tools utilizing: restorative yoga poses, pranayama, guided meditation and Yoga Nidra, this class is a treat for yourself. It will help calm the mind and rejuvenate the body on a deep cellular level. Experience ‘your inner shanti' with Zen Restorative. 

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The Initial Consultation includes a postural analysis to uncover any musculoskeletal imbalances as well as a thorough intake evaluation. 

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Schedule a Back Care Private Session and practice recommended asanas from an individualized Posture Analysis that clearly identifies your personal biomechanics.

In order to discern how to ultimately correct and restore ideal posture, Tulsi, C-IAYT, CIYT uses a combination of yoga poses that are foundational for optimal movement mechanics, pain reduction and strengthening for a healthier spine and body function. 

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Have you been practicing yoga for some time and wish to advance to a level 2 or higher level yoga class? Designed to encourage increased strength building, self-assisting techniques, with how-to-guidance for advancing your yoga practice, this Bridge the Levels private session is a healthy alternative to assist you in advancing to the next level.  

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Asana Breakdown is great for students as well as teachers. Offering an in-depth study of yoga poses this private session provides a greater understanding that yoga is more than a physical exercise for the muscles. Discover the energy lines, foundation, mobility, contraindication, modifications and benefits of your chosen set of yoga poses.  

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Starting with a consultation followed by a specialized yoga sequence from our signature Yoga Daya Menu of Services, Tulsi, C-IAYT, CIYT will work with you to achieve a tailored sequence focused on your goals whether it be for Pre-Post Natal, pain reduction, or a general invigorating yoga session. Includes a Personalized Sequence.  

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 Great for a focused yoga session on asanas and pranayama fashioned like you are preparing for a yoga marathon. The Yoga Intensive uses select, specified consistent asanas that you and our teachers hone for a disciplined, concentrated training.  

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 Staying connected is a breeze with our dual communication platform. Check in using Skype via Video for your Personalized Program sessions. Choose your day and time below that works for you and jump on a video chat and discuss your goals and set-up your plan. We offer the use of Skype & Zoom to the video share.  


Is this your first time with us? Book your free “Initial Sessions” with us today. Private sessions are offered Monday through Saturday by appointment only, and scheduled a minimum 1 week in advance. To schedule a Private Session. Call 310-558-(YOGA) 9642 or email  

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