My Specialty

Pain Management

Stress Management

Pain Management


 Includes: chronic pain, injury, limited range of motion,  residual limited mobility and inflexibility  


Stress Management

Pain Management


With scoliosis often comes debilitating pain, poor posture and a feeling of structural imbalance 

Stress Management

Stress Management

Stress Management


Includes: exhaustion, depression, poor breathing capacity, auto immune disorder and injury

5-Step Treatment

Initial Consultation

Sign-up for your free Initial Consultation today. The Initial Consultation is a phone consultation during which I will answer any questions and determine how I can best help. 

Posture Evaluation

The Posture Evaluation includes a postural analysis to uncover any  musculoskeletal imbalances as well as a thorough intake evaluation with posture recommendations. 

Personalized Sequencing 1

Personalized Sequencing 1 consists of Daya Core Movement™ routines that I developed as well as Restorative Asanas. You will receive a personalized yoga sequence. Then, during each session I'll help you refine your Personalized Sequence to ensure that you reach your  goals. 

Personalized sequencing 2

Personalized Sequencing 2 consists of  Strengthening Asanas.  You will receive a Personalized Sequence focused on restoring and maintaining stability. Then, during each session I'll help you refine your Sequence to ensure that you reach your  goals. 

Continue to practice

Continue to practice yoga for 'Living Health Daily'!

what my teaching is not

  The yoga treatment I teach is not a quick fix. Like a carving that resulted from a steady droplet of water on stone, regular consistent yoga practice will bring success.

The yoga treatment I teach is not gymnastics. The practice of yoga is not for fancy  poses. The picture perfect asana is not the end goal. The practice of  yoga is for healing. I teach yoga with the intention of healing. I begin  with awareness of what the problem is, and then  go step by step re-aligning the body all the way through the asana.  This process awakens the parts of the body that were misaligned,  bringing increased circulation, and relaxation where there was tension.  Gradually, with continued practice strength develops.  I’m not interested in teaching fancy poses. Whether the end pose is  reached is of little importance. The goal is freedom to live life fully.  That is the healing power of yoga.


The yoga treatment I teach is not stagnant. As your needs evolve so does your yoga practice. For example, when you have an injury you may need certain poses and then once the injury heals you may embark on a new challenge, like moving or changing jobs. The yoga practice should evolve and remain an integral part of your life.