Pain Management


Chronic pain can create a lifestyle that creates a negative environment. With our treatment plans we can have you feeling more like yourself and help elevate the pain. I recommend personalized sequencing to help alleviate. 


Spine Health


The human spine is one of the most important systems in your body. Keeping it healthy and aligned is crucial to a happier life. I recommend personalized sequencing to help resolve and get back to normal. 


General Students


Are you just looking to find a healthier life? Take a look at the classes we offer and take advantage of your initial consult so I can create the perfect plan for you. 


Pain Management

If you’ve been living with incessant and aggravating back pain then Tulsi’s Daya Wellness Program is right for you! Now unwanted pain can be erased or significantly reduced thanks to the cutting-edge personalized wellness programs available at our Yoga Daya Studio or Via Video.Other options include Pranayama for Mind and Body Health. 

The theme is Pranayama – the focus of the breath to draw the mind inward. Pranayama or focusing on the breath help still the fluctuations of the mind. Yoga citta vriti nirodha. By observing the breath the awareness has to be brought to the breath. Otherwise, it becomes mechanical. The analogy is there like you are doing something robotic like making coffee in the morning or texting. 

You can be talking having a conversation at the same time. Alternately if you are really concentrating on a subject you can’t talk or be disturbed because the awareness must be on the subject.

Therefore when studying them breath and pranayama the awareness must be with the breath so it does not become robotic. 

Bio-mechanics in Yoga

Achieve Freedom through Balance with yoga. Stability is your key, balance is the end result. Then create length in the lower back by practicing the following: a. Center the pelvisb. Stabilize pelvisb. Stabilize pelvisc. Create freedom by lifting the back ribs Warm up includes: Warm-up technique before weight bearingsupine ujjayi  

  • Supine ujjayi
  • Puppy dog pose
  • Kneeling warrior 3 – at wall
  • Supta padangusthasana 1
  • Supta Baddha Konasana


general student

Stress management / Regular Exercise Program

Do you have a busy schedule with no time to relax? Often sleep is not enough. You need deep, nourishing restoration. With our Daya Restore, you can experience the rejuvenating benefits of a restoring practice. Try our Regular Exercise Program and get started with a manageable routine you can incorporate in your busy schedule. 


Yoga as a treatment for scoliosis

With scoliosis comes pain, poor posture and a feeling of structural imbalance. Yoga can help with all these things. There are a variety of postures (asana) that provide a full range of movements for the spine including extension, flexion, lateral movements and decompression.

Additionally, yoga provides breathing exercises (pranayama) which are essential in creating space and balance. When the spine has a pronounced curvature, the breath typically moves more freely into the convex ribs that are spread wide apart. Over time, this can encourage the progression of scoliosis. In breathing exercises like (ujjayi) one directs the breath into the compressed ribs on the concave side. This will strengthen the intercostal muscles and help sustain a more balanced spine.

Furthermore, and arguably the most important, yoga brings an awareness of the body which encourages improved posture and results in alleviating stress on the muscles and joints. Awareness of a problem is the first step in solving a problem!


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